WW2 Explosives Factory Paranormal Lockin

WW2 Explosives Factory Paranormal Lockin
From AUD $65.00
  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)
  • Product code: WW2EF

Get locked-in for the night and investigate South Australia’s former top secret government establishment—the World War 2 Explosives Factory!

Explore the largest explosives factory in Australia which dates back its operation through the 1940s. The factory was also responsible for making caps and detonators, filling cartridge cases with propellant and fitting them with primers, filling shell bodies with high explosives and assembling each to form a complete round of ammunition.

After a dirty and hazardous job, workers were required a special wash down procedure before leaving the premises to wash out all the chemicals from their bodies which were highly explosive.

One of most famous fatalities in this site is of Edna Perlin who died from an accidental detonation at the shell filling area. Other lost souls were recently discovered by our team of physic investigators.

During the lock-in, Ghost Crime Tours will provide you with all the necessary equipment including EMF detectors and voice recording equipment. We will make sure that there are experienced investigators to guide you along this unique experience.

Paranormal groups with their own equipment are more than welcome to book.

Places are strictly limited. Book your spot on the next WW2 Explosives Factory Paranormal Lock-in in today!