Horbland Graveyard

From AUD $11.00
  • Duration: 15 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Woodcroft, South Australia
  • Product code: HORB

Tickets are $10 each. Booking fee of $1 applies.

What are you up to this Halloween season? Do you wanna join us for a spooky adventure?

This Halloween, the horror tradition continues at the Horbland Graveyard!

Horbland Graveyard has become Adelaide’s most popular and the most awaited event for Halloween. And as it goes on every year, it gets much scarier and spookier each time.

The maze is set in a house in the suburb of Woodcroft and nicknamed by the owner and founder David Horbenko as the 'Horbland Graveyard', filled with scary themes, spooky rooms and gory action. As you make your way out the graveyard’s maze, you will come in contact with sights that will leave your hair raising!

Each layout is crafted and well-designed to produce the scariest theme for the visitors. The characters and creatures are artfully portrayed by the Horbland Graveyard actors, producing outrageously scary surprises to rattle every single horror seeker.

The Horbland Graveyard team is a group of very talented makeup artists, actors, designers and horror costume enthusiasts, who gather together to put up a horror maze that is meant to scare and make unforgettable memories every time.

If you’re up for a different kind of thrill, then book now and secure a spot on the upcoming horrors of the Horbland Graveyard! 

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