The "City of Adelaide Clipper Ship" Paranormal Lockin

The "City of Adelaide Clipper Ship" Paranormal Lockin
From AUD $45.00
  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Port Adelaide, South Australia
  • Product code: TCACSPL

Are you ready to get locked inside the oldest surviving clipper ship in the world—the City of Adelaide!

The ship hold many adventures since its launching in 1863. The ship made 23 annual return voyages from London and Plymouth to Adelaide, and was responsible for 250,000 descendants of the first settlers in South Australia. After her sailing career in 1893, the ship became a floating isolation hospital, caring 23 cases of scarlet fever in just one year of operation, until it was purchased by the Royal Navy in 1923.

The 154-year-old clipper ship was known to have many deaths recorded during its operation. During the lock-in, you will have the chance to investigate about the 7 people who died on its first voyage to Adelaide. The lock-in includes an exclusive access to the lower decks of the ship, which is not available on day tours or to the touring public.

Our team will provide you with all the paranormal equipment needed including EMF meters and EVP devices. Our investigators will gladly show you how to use these apparatus and teach you how to investigate and capture evidences of the paranormal.

Paranormal groups with their own equipment are more than welcome to book.

Places are strictly limited. Book your spot on the next The "City of Adelaide Clipper Ship" Paranormal Lock-in today!